10 Benefits, ONE Product!

Everyone loves the classic UniqONE Treatment leave-in conditioning spray.

Now get those same results with the new UniqONE Conditioning Shampoo – 10 unique benefits every time you cleanse your hair!

Who doesn’t want maximum silkiness and smoothness?! This revolutionary shampoo and conditioner won’t weigh the hair down and helps to boost shine and combat frizz in all hair types. The conditioning power of UniqONE leaves hair soft, shiny, and silky, so it is easy to comb and style. Protect and moisturize your scalp while strengthening hair to reduce breakage and prevent split ends. Thanks to its formulation, it prevents ion deposits on the hair fiber, providing protection from water, heat and other external aggressions.

UniqONE Conditioning Shampoo comes in the original scent and coconut! ONE luxurious formula to raise your shampoo game.

It can be found at Chatters Salons and online here.