Mandy Campbell- Bayers Lake, NS

What is your Role?  I’m a hairstylist. How long have you worked at Chatters?  It will be 2 years in July. What is the best part about being in your job?  Doing hair and the people I work with. Anything on your bucket list?  I would like to

Mandi Gross- Nepean, ON

What do you do?  I am a master stylist. How long at Chatters? 3 years since this location opened. How is it different?  I like Chatters because of all the benefits to the hairstylists. I come from a high end salon world.  I love how it feels like

Brittany Richard- Bayers Lake, NS

What is your role?  I am an esthetician and also do piercings. How long have you worked at Chatters? About 2 years at Chatters.  I have been an esthetician for six years now. Went from high school to doing this. What is the best part about being

Questions for your stylist

Stylists are like artists, therapists, chemists and friends in one. What do you talk about with your stylist? Are you the type to ask for advice on what to do with your style, or do you maintain your look for long periods of time? While your stylist

Hayley Peters- Winnipeg, MB

What is your role at the salon? I’m a beauty consultant and an aesthetician. I’ve been with Chatters for about a year. What made you want to work at Chatters? I was always interested in beauty and hair, makeup and nails. I thought this would be

Summer Camping/Festival Beauty Tips

Summer is the season for the outdoors, the season for camping, travel and festivals. Whatever your outdoor preference, there are key beauty hacks to keep in mind so even if you haven’t washed your hair all weekend, you’ll look and feel fresh.

Hair Appliance Technology 101

Shopping for a new hair appliance? The terms and technology can get really confusing. Do you want a higher wattage or lower? Do you want an AC motor or a DC motor? What is better for your hair type, far infrared heat or nanotechnology? We are going

Chatters Symposium 2015

Working for Chatters is more than great wages, medical and dental benefits and a fun working environment. We invest in your ongoing professional development by hosting the Annual Chatters Symposium. This event gives our stylists three amazing days

A Beautiful Cause 2016

Every May is Chatters annual fundraiser called A Beautiful Cause. In 2016 A Beautiful Cause raised funds in support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Canada. Hundreds made a donation in any one of our stores from May 2 – May 28.

Who loves hair appliances?

We’re really excited to be hosting another Trade in Event at all our salons across Canada. From May 2-July 3, bring in your working or non-working appliance and receive up to $20 off the purchase of a new one. This is our third year and every