Rodel Baniqued- Brandon, MB

What is your role at the salon? I have been a senior stylist for over 11 years. How long at this salon? I have been at Chatters for a year and a half. How is it different than last place you were at? In my country I worked for the number one

My LouLou Experience

Nicole and Malu won our contest with LouLou magazine. We sent Malu and Nicole to LouLou magazine’s headquarters in Montreal and gave them each a $500 shopping spree! Malu’s Experience: What was your experience like at the LouLou office? The

Curly Hair Top Tips

Here are our top tips for our curl girls! A good hair day starts in the shower. Use a sulfate-free shampoo intended for curly hair, as some shampoos can be too harsh and drying, leaving you with a dry, frizzy mess! We like this one! Hydrate,

The best flat iron you'll ever use!

Nobody wants to go over the same piece of hair over and over,   wasting precious time and risking damage to the hair. Enter the Kenneth Bernard Vibe: we promise it will be the best flat iron you’ll ever use! The  Kenneth Bernard Vibe Flat Iron

Miranda English- Saskatoon, SK

What is your role at Chatters?   I am a hair stylist, used to be the service manager at the Chatters Midtown location. How long have you been there?   I have been here since November 2015. I was at Midtown from June 2012- till end of July 2014.

Melissa Gilbert- Chilliwack, BC

What is your role?    I’m a service manager and lead stylist. How long have you been with Chatters? 9 years on April Fools day, it was a fun day to start work. How is it different? The availability of education and support at Chatters is

Megan Phillips- Halifax, NS

What is your role at Chatters?  I am stylist, I perform all hair services on clients. How long have you worked at Chatters? I have been at Chatters for 7 months now.  I have been a stylist for nine years. What is the best part about being in your

Meaghan Porter- Bayers Lake, NS

What is your Role?  I am a Hairstylist. How long have you worked at Chatters?  It will be 3 years in September. What is the best part about being in your job? I really love the people I work with.  The teamwork here is amazing. Anything on your