Emily Charlton- Westbank, BC

What is your role at the salon? I’m an Redken Certified Elite stylist and service manager. I’ve been at this location 5 years and another Chatters prior to this for 2 years. What’s the best part about your job: There are two things: the first

Christine Springman- Surrey, BC

What is your role at Chatters and how long have you been there? I’m a service manager and stylist and I’ve been here for five years. What made you want to come work at Chatters? I wanted to come work here because I used to be a Redken educator

Amanda Renforth- Kamloops, BC

What is your role and how long have you worked for Chatters? I’m a retail manager/store manager, previously a stylist.  I have been at Chatters Summit in Kamloops for 8 years. Has there been anyone in your career at chatters or elsewhere who was