Ashley Fraser, Beacon Hill Calgary AB

Ashley Fraser What is your role at the salon?  Service Manager  How long have you been with Chatters? I’ve been with Chatters a total of 5 years in September. 4 of them were in Calgary and 11 months were in Halifax. What are some of your

Your Hempz Beach Essentials

Hempz Beach Products We hope all of you are having an amazing summer so far! However, we have something available at Chatters that may make your summer even better! For anyone that loves the beach, Hempz products are essential for all your summer

Merrisa Lucas, Grandview Corners Surrey BC

Merrisa Lucas What is your role at the salon?   I’m the retail manager. How long have you been with Chatters? I’ve been with Chatters over 11 years now. What are some of your favourite products? My favourite products are Morroconoil Texture

What Haircare Regimen Are You?

Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioners We’ve all been there: endlessly searching for the perfect shampoo for our hair necessities and texture. We are all unique and all have unique needs when it comes to our hair, why settle for generic shampoo that

Customer Appreciation Event

You’re invited to our customer appreciation event, Saturday, July 29th. We have some great offers for you. Scratch and save up to 50% off selected products, or receive  a free haircut or cut and color service. Plus we have four incredible

Rose Hip Oil Colour Maintenance System

Are you looking for a product that’ll make your salon colour last while also providing other nourishing benefits that’ll make your hair silky smooth? Rose Hip Oil by CHI is a scientifically formulated, low pH colour maintenance system that will

Chatters Ajax loves a crowd

Chatters Ajax at Durham Centre loves a crowd. They’re hoping you’ll come with your friends on July 15th for their customer appreciation event. Here’s the scoop on what’s happening all day! Scratch and save cards: limited