Amy Drozdowski, Lougheed Burnaby BC

What is your role at the salon?   I’m an elite stylist and the service manager. How long have you been with Chatters? I’ve been with Chatters for 7 years. What are some of your favourite products? I have a few, I really like Redken Aerate

Chatters Surprise Beauty Haul

Hey beauty lovers! Do you love the idea of getting 24 full sized products for only $75?  And what if we told you that the value of these 24 products is $340?  From August 18th to 21st you can score your amazing beauty haul. This offer is only

5 Fall Colour Trends You Need to Try in 2017

Deep Red Lately we’ve been seeing so many light pastel colours but don’t underestimate a classic deep burgundy hue. If you’re looking for something dramatic that’ll turn heads, opt for a dark and fiery romantic red. This colour has that eye

Jaclyn Winn, Grandview Corners Surrey BC

What is your role at the salon?   I am the Retail Manager. How long have you been with Chatters? It will be 4 years in September. What are some of your favourite products? I’m a big fan of the RAW line from Biolage but my go to is the Luminous

Get The Look: French Double Fringe Braid

Learn how to achieve this look using Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Blow Dry Gel and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Lite! Step 1: Apply Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel on damp hair and blow dry. Step 2: Starting with a middle part, create two pie shaped

What Is Style Happy?

Here at Chatters we want to think of ourselves as more than just a beauty salon. We want to help each and every one of you achieve your best self! We want to empower all of you with our knowledge and resources to take charge of your Style Happy!

Summer Hair Tips

Summer is still alive and well and we all know that sometimes it can take a toll on our hair! Check out these tips for some ways to really nourish and protect your hair from the damaging effects of the hot summer months! Avoid Heat Styling Tools The