Dariane Smith Bower Place Red Deer

What salon do you work at and what is your role? How long have you been there? I work at Chatters Bower Place in Red Deer. I’ve been at this location for one year but with the company for three. How did you learn about Chatters Salon? Chatters has

A New Take on Heat Protection

Let’s talk about heat protection. It’s a step many of us forget or skip but is truly SO important in our styling routine. Think of how hot your curling or straightening iron can get and how hard that can be on delicate hair. Heat protection

Beat the Heat

Who here is addicted to heat styling? Who here uses heat protection? We get it. Heat protection seems like such an “extra” task when it comes to doing your hair but it is SO important! Not to mention your strands will thank you once you

Style Happy Makeovers

Happy New Year to all you style happy people! With a fresh new year beginning tons of us are wanting to reinvent ourselves in a positive way. This January we want to inspire you all with some cool new looks so we’ve gathered some of our fave