An Underwater Sea Punk by Angie Hunt

The Before Shot Here is my client's before picture, we then lifted her old tones with lightener. The Colour Process Using Pravana neons, we created a starfish cutout with green. We then did a root extension with the blue and Manic Panic Pro Magenta

Ashley Hatch, Grande Prairie Mall

What is your role, where do you work, and how long have you been there? Retail Manager at the Grande Prairie Mall location (fun fact, today was my first day at this location). I worked at Westgate for three + years and then Chatters moved me to the

Andrea Omran - Chatters Waterloo Conestoga

What is your role, where do you work and how long have you been there? I am a stylist I work at the Chatters in Waterloo Ontario. I have worked here for six months. What is your favorite product? My favourite product right now would be the Redken

Stylists reveal their latest color advice

Coloured hair is everywhere; I’m sure if you asked the lady sitting next to you if she had ever coloured her hair, you would probably get a “YES” as a response. With so many people colouring their hair we feel that it is essential to give you

2018 Model Call- Red Deer

We are fast approaching our National Symposium and Hair Show/Education event. We need hair models. If you are interested please contact us at social media Come to the audition at the Sheraton on October 13th at 6:30. If you are

Getting Personal About Going Green: Courtney

For my home life our household already recycles paper and plastics in accordance with the voluntary municipal recycling program available to us. However we don't have a composting program in St. John's as it is largely discouraged in the downtown

6 Makeovers with Major Fall Vibes

Fall is the perfect excuse to really switch up your style! We thought some of you might enjoy a little inspiration to take the plunge with a major hair makeover. Here are some of our favourite transformations we've seen at Chatters this fall!

Getting Personal About Going Green: Sarah

In conclusion, Green Circle is an amazing program that should have been around years earlier. I believe it hass helped make communities and salons more aware of waste while being consciousness of the environment.