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5 Fall Colour Trends You Need to Try in 2017

Deep Red
Lately we’ve been seeing so many light pastel colours but don’t underestimate a classic deep burgundy hue. If you’re looking for something dramatic that’ll turn heads, opt for a dark and fiery romantic red. This colour has that eye popping effect while still managing to look sophisticated and polished. This look is great for anyone that’s tired of their boring brown and needs a cool update! This colour was created by Nadia at our Fanshawe location in London.
This icy cool trend is as fresh as a peppermint patty! The cool girl hair fad is taking the colour world by storm and has been seen on celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Zayn Malik. Such an interesting take on those pretty blue and green hues. This look is dramatic yet subtle with the softer tones creating a creamy and subdued colour that’ll make everyone green (or mint) with envy. This cool minty look was styled by Josee at Green Apple.


Of course balayage is still on our list of hot trends! If you haven’t given this low maintenance colour trend a try, you definitely need to! Balayage is a colour technique where colour is painted onto the hair with a brush. It is a great way to achieve really natural looking highlights that blend really well with your natural hair. Leaving the roots untouched by the hair colour, it allows hair to grow out without having to go in as often for a touch up! This gorgeous warm balayage was created by Keltie at our Crowfoot Crossing location in Calgary!
This funky new trend is inspired by geode crystals and is about to blow up your Instagram! When these colours catch different light, they are sure to look like a shiny, sparkling gem. This trend can be achieved with an array of different colours ranging from sapphire, to emerald green. It’s a great way to mix and play with a few different colours at once for a really interesting, whimsical effect. This funky geode colour was fashioned by Josee at Green Apple!
Rose Gold
Looking for the perfect shade to match your rose gold iPhone or rose gold Michael Kors watch? Look no further! Rose gold has been such a fun way to add some colour to your look and everyone is crazy about this trend! Whether you want to dye your entire head pink, or play with some subtle streaks, this hue is sure to make all your friends sad they didn’t try it first. Celebs like Hilary Duff have been caught with this pretty pink look. This rosy gold shade was styled by Amanda at our Westgate location!