6 Fab Makeovers for Summer Hair Inspo

Summer is all about switching up your style! From pants to shorts, foundation to tinted moisturizer, and boots to flip flops it's all about capturing that summer vibe in all aspects of your life. But how are you switching up your hair this summer? Are you adding highlights? Cutting your lengths? Or opting for a sweet fashion hue? Not sure? Well we've got the best hair makeover inspo from stylists across the country and what #StyleHappy means to them!

Nixon Padios:

"I think at Chatters being in a happy environment with happy coworkers gives me the freedom to be creative and to give my guests the best possible experience and style. That's what style happy is all about."

Bouncy Bob

Bobs are always a good idea for summer. There's nothing like getting your thick locks off your neck on a hot summers day! Ask for a bob with sunkissed caramel highlights that's easy to style with a ton of dimension. Simply spray strands with your go to sea salt spray, add a root booster for extra lift, and twist your lengths with a curling iron for an easy going tousled summer style. "Changing the style really allowed me to frame her face more and it really helped to accentuate her features. Removing some length is such a great way to have some fun with your style if you're getting bored with your long hair. A look that you can just wash and wear is a great alternative to ponytail styling." -Nixon

Some products that would help to achieve this look include Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus for added volume, Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream, and AG Thermal Spray Gel to protect your strands while heat styling.

Karah Bunell:

"Style Happy means giving people a chance to feel amazing about how they look and who they are. It's us bringing our happiness into their hair through style and making them feel good!"

Peek-A-Boo Pink Highlights

These little hints of hot pink are so fun for summer and perfect for any festival! When opting for this shade ask your stylist for peek-a-boo pastel pink highlights. Now this CUT on the other hand-- super slimming and so on trend! Style at home with a pro dryer and pick out some products that smooth and eliminate frizz. These would include smoothing blow dry lotions and hydrating hair oils.

Danielle Fromme:

"Style Happy is to make people feel happy when they leave the salon. It's not so much about looking good, it's about FEELING good!"

A New Take On Volume

Volume never goes out of style! Achieving this sort of height takes a little help from some heavy duty products. We recommend some texture sprays for added grit and a little root boosting powder to really amp up the volume. Hot tip: use a mini crimper for an extra boost!

Mermaid Vibes

Be the queen of the sea this summer at any beach you visit. This insane vibrancy is extremely stylish and will turn heads every where you go! After visiting the salon for this gorgeous hue make sure to wash with colour friendly shampoo and hydrate your strands with a smoothing shine spray. Add in some dreamy curls and this mermaid is ready to catch some waves!

Bernadette Laszlo:

"To me Style Happy is care free hair styling that makes you feel good about yourself!"

Summer Romance

The softest waves with a beautifully subtle hint of caramel highlights. Balayage is the ultimate low maintenance way to colour your hair for the summer, it'll grow with your hair and sparkle in the sun. Make sure you're using colour friendly shampoo to lock in that hue. Now pair with your favourite dramatic burgundy lipstick to take this look from the beach to date night.

Angie Hunt:

"To me, style happy means feeling comfortable in your own skin! Your hair is your number one accessory and it's a big part of feeling confident in yourself!"

Festival Feels

Festivals are the ultimate opportunity to go INSANE with your hair! Add some funky colours, braids, ponytails, sparkles, just have fun with it! When asking for this hue in the salon request a tie dye technique with some vibrant reds and blues. Scared of committing to this crazy colour? There's always temporary colour sprays to the rescue!

Feeling full of hair inspo and ready for a change? Book in with these talented stylists or any of our other amazing stylists here.