Getting her environmental groove on by Ashley at Chatters Mount Pearl

How hard was it to become more environmentally friendly for a weekend?
I was already conscious of recycling, but when trying to be more environmentally friendly I did struggle a bit at first trying to be more mindful.

Did you surprise yourself with how well or poor you did
I did find the first day hard, but after a day of trying to be more conscious I surprised myself. I did things like make sure to turn off the lights when leaving a room and conserving water by taking shorter showers and shutting off water. I used a reusable bottle instead of plastic bottles, reusable containers and cutlery, plus I recycled as much plastic, paper and cardboard as possible. As well I noticed trying to cut down on less packaging when grocery shopping and buying bulk or local when possible. My car also has a feature that has an auto shut off when stopped instead of letting my car idle.

How did it impact those around you and what tips do you have for others wanting to become more environmentally conscious?
it impacted those around me in a positive way because we were more mindful of when we threw stuff out. If it could be recycled we did that, and it was a big eye opener to just how much stuff we use on a daily basis that can be recycled. Tips for others would be to set up recycling bins around home/work and really try to make an effort to recycle. Try to reduce the amount of paper/plastic being used. Reduce plastic bag usage instead use reusable bags

What types of things were you able to recycle?
I was able to recycle plastic, glass, metal and paper. When possible I also tried to use both sides of the paper at work, knowing how much waste is often created from there.

Does your community have recycle bins or programs and that make becoming environmentally friendly easier?
Luckily my community offers a mandatory biweekly curbside recycling program and have a collection of any paper, cardboard or recyclables.

Were you able to identify just how much waste one person comes up with in three days?
I managed to cut down on garbage by a fair amount. At first what I would normally throw out I started to pay more attention to and I was actually able to recycle a lot more at home. After only 3 days I noticed I was able to almost double the items that went to recycling instead of the garbage. This was a big eye opener for me. I quickly noticed how much paper and recyclables we went through at work and now thanks to Green Circle we are making a big change in the amount of items that used to simply go in the garbage.

Ashley Verge, Beauty Consultant
Chatters Salon and Spa Mount Pearl