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8 Tricks to Bust Frizz

This cold weather has our hair feeling VERY THIRSTY. Good thing we've got all the tricks and tools by our side to help our hair through this difficult time, keep reading if you're looking for some frizz relief.

Wash Your Hair Less

Washing your hair strips a lot of the natural moisture you have which is the main cause of frizz! Cut back on washing and opt for a dry shampoo like this Moroccanoil one to get you through to your next wash. Not to mention it'll give you tons of volume!

Ditch Your Regular Towel

When your hair is wet it is most prone to breakage, and using a regular cotton towel can really rough up the hair cuticle. Grab a microfibre towel like this one by DevaCurl to minimize the damage on your strands. Plus it'll dry your hair WAY faster!

Direct your Blowout

When it comes to frizz it's all about sealing that hair cuticle. When you're blow drying your hair, really make sure you're directing the air flow in the direction of your hair growth to help smooth those roughed up strands. Something that really helps with that is using a concentrator nozzle on your dryer. This Midnight Air Blow Dryer by AG Hair comes with a nozzle and multiple other features that really help to eliminate frizz during the drying process.

Invest in a Good Flat Iron

When you're looking for a good flat iron for eliminating frizz choose one with ceramic plates like the Kenneth Bernard Vibe. Ceramic plates hold heat really well and allow for very even heat distribution. When you upgrade, you'll notice yourself going over hair sections less frequently which will also prevent more damage and breakage. Just make sure to always use a heat protectant when you're heat styling!

Use a Hydrating Hair Oil

One of the main causes of frizz is a lack of moisture, especially in this dry time of year. Try using a hair oil like the Biosilk Silk Therapy treatment to really hydrate your strands and smooth the cuticle. It also comes in a lightweight formula for you fine haired hunnies. You might even want to invest in a travel size to carry with you to moisturize and eliminate frizz throughout the day!

Try A Treatment

Treatments, treatments, treatments... is all I ever seem to hear from my stylist! But they're telling you this for a reason! Using a treatment can really help to prevent breakage and frizz from the moment you apply it. Of course the most powerful treatments you can receive are with your stylist in her chair (seriously just try one), but there's plenty of options for at home like the Redken Mega Masks. They're available for various hair concerns like damage, softness, and colour treated strands.

Boar Bristle to the Rescue

Your frizz problem might be stemming from the brush you use and the way you use it. Using a Boar Bristle Brush like this one from Dannyco can help to distribute moisture throughout your hair more effectively, resulting in those shiny strands of your dreams! It's also important to be kind and gentle to your hair while brushing to prevent extra breakage and try to avoid over brushing your hair when it's wet.

Go In For a Trim

Sometimes the only answer is to GET A HAIRCUT! If your ends are distressed it'll make your whole look seem frizzy. Trimming off the roughed up hair on your ends will help to transform your style and give you a fresh start to keep an unruly mane under control.

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