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A Lesson In Heat Protectant

Protection: Not Just for the Bedroom

Do you use thermal spray when you style your hair? I hope the answer is “YES!” – but I know some of you are probably glad you don’t have to look me in the eyes as you utter a small “no” to yourself. Now look down at your strands. Are they dry? Brittle? Are they splitting on you no matter how many trims you drag yourself to the salon for?

We got Two Versions

No matter how many steps we take to try and repair our damaged hair, it is always easier to try and prevent the damage from happening in the first place! The #1 cause of damaged hair (other than getting that high-lift blonde) is from using heat without protection! If you are one of those people who haven’t given thermal sprays a try, or if you’re just not sure that you’re using it properly – this tutorial is for you!!! There are two different types of thermal sprays: aerosol, and non-aerosol (or pump sprays). Let’s walk you through both.


Non-aerosol sprays tend to dispense a little more product in one shot compared to aerosols, so you want to hold the bottle a little further away from your hair when spraying. 12 inches is a safe distance. You don’t want your hair to be wet with product! After applying 1-2 pumps of thermal spray to your section (which should be smaller than the width of your iron), don’t forget to work it through with your fingers to ensure you’ve covered every strand. It only takes a couple seconds but it is a very important step!

When you use your iron on that section of hair you’ve just nicely coated in thermal spray, make sure you don’t clamp down on your hair too tight. You should be able to move the iron smoothly through your hair without any resistance. Also make sure your heat setting is at the right temperature for your hair. Too much heat is not a good thing – even when using protection! 😉


Sexy Hair Hot Support Me

The non-aerosol thermal spray I’m using at the moment is by Sexy Hair – called “Support Me”. It claims to hold your style up to 24 hours. And it delivers. I mainly use this spray when I am flat ironing my hair, because ironically for an Asian girl with mostly straight hair, it NEVER stays pin straight for me when I want it to…until now! This is an added bonus of using thermal sprays to protect your strands against the intense heat of your irons – it also helps hold your style, whether it’s curls, waves, or straight locks you’re after. MUCH better than loading your hair with hairspray first and then frying it, amirite???

When using a thermal spray that has some hold in it, you’re best to use it one small section at a time. Don’t spray the whole side of your head at once and then tackle it with your styling iron. You want that section to be freshly sprayed and worked through right before the iron hits it.


Aerosol thermal sprays are the easiest way to get that shield on your mane before hitting it with the heat. A fave of ours at Chatters is the Kenneth Bernard Protect Thermal Spray. It smells great, works great, and is seamlessly simple to apply. Here you can get away with spraying a larger section, and then going through it piece by piece with your iron of choice. Since the product comes out a little more even compared to a non-aerosol spray, you can also hold it a bit closer to your hair when applying.

Kenneth Bernard Protect

Same rules here for heat settings and tension with your tool – not too hot, and not too tight! If you find that your flat iron gets stuck halfway down, and you’re doing that awkward jerking motion to get to the ends of your hair, stop and release the section you’re on and try again. That stop-go technique will only leave lines in your style that you don’t want!

One More Tip!

Now that you’re schooled up on how to use thermal sprays, you also need to know how to care for your irons! Thermal sprays will leave residue on your tools. It’s a fact of life. But it’s easy to deal with – iron cleaners can be found at any Chatters Salon across Canada and they are light on the wallet. Once a month, give your tools a spray of the cleaner to cleanse them of any build up.

-Kayla Sieben, Chatters Beauty Pro

That’s all, folks! I hope this helped anyone struggling with split ends as we head into the cold winter months. Stay Style Happy, my friends!