A Product For A Style Happy Vacay

Alterna Caviar Resort Breeze Air Dry Styler

This product is a no-heat styling balm designed to control frizz, add shine, neutralize damage from pool and salt water, all while providing a light hold. It is one of my favorite travel companions when going on a trip, especially when you don’t feel like bringing hot tools with you! It would be great for any curly girls out there who don’t want to waste time with a diffuser while on vacation.

Braids for Days

I am not a curly girl. My hair is almost pin straight. So when using this, I applied it from root to tip after towel-drying, and then placed my hair in braids. As my hair dried in the braids, it also held the curl. PERFECT for two-in-one styling options while you’re away from home! I had trendy braids the first day, and fabulous waves the next. My waves were soft and didn’t tangle up. I could still run my hands through them all day long.

Wavy like the Ocean

Not going to lie- I was a bit skeptical about using this styling balm. A lot of others I’ve used in the past have been sticky or gummy in texture, and left an unsightly white residue (which is not ideal when you have dark hair…I’ll let you fill in the gaps). But this water-based formula had a silky smooth application and came off my hands afterwards with just a quick rinse.

Feeling Tropical

Speaking of not being tacky – this packaging! The cerulean colour of the bottle along with the not-quite tropical, not-quite floral scent made me feel like I was waking up on the shores of Santorini, next to crystalline turquoise waters... sigh.

Low Maintenance Styling

The name of this product is fitting for sure – from start to finish this made styling my hair a breeze! No-fuss, super low maintenance. Definitely give this one a try if you’re headed out on an adventure this summer, fall, winter, wherever, whenever! Shop it in salons or online. -Kayla Sieben, Chatters Product Expert