AG Texture To Go


That perfectly imperfect texture is easier than you think to achieve. Stop fighting your natural texture and work with it to achieve that effortless look! AG’s newest products are very easy to use and are enhanced with AG’s sea complex, an infusion of three naturally texturizing and clarifying seaweed extracts plus anti-aging seaberry oil. These oceanic super foods strengthen the hair, restore moisture and enhance natural texture.

The Texture to Go Kit comes with four products: the Cleansing Cream, Sea Spray, Texture Gloss and Dry Wax.

Cleansing Cream is the gentlest way to refresh your hair. A nourishing and conditioning base removes dirt and pollutants leaving hair softer and more manageable. It does not lather; simply massage into wet hair and rinse.
Sea Spray bottles up the beach to bring hair that wavy texture, giving hair some much needed oomph. Mist through damp hair, twisting hair while it air dries. This product can also be used on a finished style to add undone texture and hold.
Texture Gloss enhances waves, curls and texture while eliminating frizz with moisturizing ingredients to soften dry, brittle ends. Emulsify in your hands and rake it through your mid-shafts and ends of your hair to add piecey definition and hold.
Dry Wax is the secret to no-fuss hair. It works magic on every hair type, controlling frizz while adding volume with a matte finish. After styling, spray through your hair giving you messy but manageable finished look.

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