Beauty Pros

Amy Drozdowski, Lougheed Burnaby BC

What is your role at the salon?  
I’m an elite stylist and the service manager.

How long have you been with Chatters?
I’ve been with Chatters for 7 years.

What are some of your favourite products?
I have a few, I really like Redken Aerate Mousse, Redken Triple Take 32 Spray, and Dry Spray. Also Argan oil and Deva Curl Super Cream.

What have you learned from working at Chatters?
I’ve learned how to work with a team and the value of continuing education!

What’s one of your favorite things about your job?
I would say interacting with return clients.

How is Chatters different than your last job?
They are very family oriented and believe in continuing education and learning.

How did you get into a styling career?
I took cosmetology in grade 10 and loved it!

If you could style anyone’s hair who would it be?
Zoey Deschanel just so I could get rid of those bangs.

What are some of your favourite hair trends?
Ombre and balayage for sure! I also like the blunt lob with textured waves or the undone look.

What do you like to do on a day off?
I like to ride my bike and go swimming at the beach.

What’s on your bucket list? 
I would love to go back to south east Asia!

If you could give it, what advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t be so scared, you can do it!

What inspires you as a stylist?
Pretty much everything, even just people walking down the street.

If you could give someone advice about joining the beauty industry what would that be?
Stick with it, you might be scared off at the beginning but it’s worth it to continue!