An Underwater Sea Punk by Angie Hunt

The Before Shot

Here is my client's before picture, we then lifted her old tones with lightener.

The Colour Process

Using Pravana neons, we created a starfish cutout with green. We then did a root extension with the blue and Manic Panic Pro Magenta on the ends. These tones are really cool because they glow under UV lights!


Colormap is a book that helps set you up for success. Her roots lifted to a level 10 which is a perfect canvas with no underlying colour to compete with- as we know blue and yellow make green, so we really wanted a base with as little yellow tones as possible. Understanding where you are AND where you're going will take the guess work out of it. Vibrant colours are so much fun but understanding how to get the best out of them is key.

Getting Wavy

I took my colouring a step further by customizing the design of a crying jellyfish.

That Glow

This is how it looks under those UV lights!

The Underwater Sea Punk

This was an underwater sea creature idea created for a hairshow presentation. No not for everyone, but I like to inspire creativity and celebrate the art of Hairdressering! I hope you enjoy it.

Angie Hunt, Chatters Winnipeg Empress

Checkout more of the final look on my Instagram @angie_hunt_