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Ashley Fraser, Beacon Hill Calgary AB

Ashley Fraser

What is your role at the salon? 
Service Manager 

How long have you been with Chatters?
I’ve been with Chatters a total of 5 years in September. 4 of them were in Calgary and 11 months were in Halifax.

What are some of your favourite products?
They are changing all the time but I’m currently loving pH bonder, Redken Full Frame, Redken Windblown Dry Finishing Spray, Redken Diamond Oil. Basically everything by Redken.

What have you learned from working at Chatters?
They are a great company to work for because they are here for their staff. They provide lots of education to always keep us up with trends. I also learned about how to work with teams. Also the managers, both retail and district, feel like a family and are super supportive.

Has anyone been a mentor to you in your career?
Yes, when I first started out a lady name Debbie taught me in hair school, later when I started with Chatters in Halifax she was the service manager. She was a huge influence on my styling career.

How did you get into a styling career?
I was in grade 12 and really didn’t know what to do after I finished high school. I knew I had a passion for hair. One day a friend said I should apply. I got accepted and the rest was history.

If you could style anyone’s hair who would it be?
Charlize Theron because she seems like an inspiration to all women, plus she always has great hair!

What are some of your favourite hair trends?
I have been loving the balayage, also lobs and textured waves.

What’s on your bucket list? 
Career wise I either want to run my own shop or own a franchise. Personally I would love to travel because I have never been outside of Canada.

Do you have a personal philosophy?
Strive to be the best and be good to others!

If you could give someone advice about joining the beauty industry what would that be?
The main thing is to not give up or get discouraged. Starting out can be hard as you’re trying to build clients or you have a client that challenges you.

What advice would you give to someone who has a difficult client?
You can’t please everybody and don’t take it to heart. Practice your consultation skills to make them the best they can be.

Could you tell us about your experiences working at Chatters?
To be honest I never thought I would ever work for a big company. I liked working for small mom and pop shops. Since I’ve been with Chatters I’ve realized that working for a big company has many more benefits than a small one. We have great health benefits, education and an amazing symposium we get to attend every year. My overall experience has been great, I went from senior stylist to master to an elite stylist in a year and a half and then became service manager a year and 4 months ago.

How has working with Chatters helped you to grow as a stylist?
Being with Chatters I have definitely grown a lot as a stylist and as a manager. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without my peers, current district manager, the salon owners/employers and the service manager/hair school teacher. They were the ones who pushed me to be the best I can and take on new roles. Most of all I love the opportunities to advance within the company and just grow as a stylist in general.