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In the summer people find themselves having too much fun that they forget to stop and protect their skin. Often, we find ourselves splashing about in water just to get chilled off from the hot sun, and we forget to reapply the sunscreen. Almost everyone will experience that irritating burn, the kind that makes a person want to go days without a shower because of the scalding sensation from the lukewarm water out of the shower head. Well as much as I would love to say that I have never been burned from the sun, I cannot. I usually gear up for the summer by spending most of my time outdoors. And going from our cold winters to these hot summers I forget that being outside requires protection. All I want to do is strip off my winter coat and dive into an outdoor pool and soak up the rays.

Hempz After Sun Cooling Gel

I have had days when I surrender to the joy of being outside and mingling with friends. Those are the days I find myself with that red-hot glow scorching my face. For that burning pain, my go-to was always aloe gels; recently I found myself turning to HEMPZ after sun cooling gel instead of the aloe products I was used to. The aloe that I was using created a sticky sensation on my skin, but when I tried the HEMPZ After Sun Cooling Gel, I only noticed the smooth cooling sensation, without the sticky feeling, which is precisely what I was going for! After further research of Hemp Seed Oil, I found that maybe there could be more uses for this gel. Hemp Seed Oil has been found to relieve itchy skin, rashes, and help with dry skin. Well, I don’t have any rashes, but I do suffer from dry skin and I have been getting my fair share of spider bites all over my legs this summer. These spider bites are much worse than a mosquito bites as far as itchy, and swelling is concerned. So, I decided tried this HEMPZ Cooling Gel on my spider bites and, voila, the itchiness stopped. The idea that I could simply apply a topical cream rather than take medications brought so much relief to me. Who knew this gel could do so much?

Hempz SoBronze Facial Sunless Lotion

Now, seeing as it is summer, I know we should protect our skin, but I still want to have that summer glow. I recently tried the HEMPZ SoBronze Facial Sunless Lotion. This lotion is awesome! I have used face tanners before, but none like this. Usually, the bronzer stains my hand the second I squeeze the metallic smelling toner out of the bottle. Then when I rub it into my skin, it seems like I always have lines that shouldn’t be there. That smell of copper will linger until I wash my skin and rid the bronzer from my face. But this HEMPZ SoBronze Facial Sunless Lotion is nothing like those other bronzers. I applied this to my face like any other lotion, and it generated a beautiful glow on my face. I highly recommend this product to get that natural looking glow with all the benefits from the HEMPZ line. Get your summer tan on today!

HEMPZ also carries a HEMPZ SoBronze Tinted Self-Tanning Body Lotion that can be applied to your entire body to glow this summer. If you would rather have a spray, they carry that as well, HEMPZ SoBronze Sunless Instant Body Bronzing Mist. This spray tan will allow you to get that summer look with the perfect mist, so it looks like your body was kissed by the sun. But before using any of these exceptional products, try the HEMPZ SoBronze Pre-Sunless Exfoliating Body Polish so that you can paint your bronzer onto a smooth canvas.


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These self tanning products will elevate your summer, by showing off a healthy glow without the sacrifice of nasty burns, lines, and wrinkles that come with the sun. You can find them in salons or online at -Rachel Snethum, Chatters Product Expert