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Becoming a Colour Chameleon

Angie is back at it again with another cool and crazy colour makeover! She takes us through her creative process and her little tips for the best colour transformation.

The Look

Creative colours can be so much fun. There's inspiration everywhere to draw from. Hair is the canvas, so let's paint!

The Base

Vivid Bright Colours generally need the lightest base in order to be vibrant. The Golden rule is the inside of a banana for pastels and cool tones. If the lightener only lifts to the outside of a banana, warm shades work best as there is underlying yellow that will contract cool tones- not enhance.

The Process

Colormap will give you a preview before you begin.

The Colour

These fashionable colours will fade with every washing. I recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo to prevent stripping. Our tap water is loaded with chemicals which are just as harmful. Grab some dry shampoo to get ya through.

The Result

We are fortunate to have Hair Seasons, so why not enjoy changing up your hair, not just your clothes and makeup. Happy Colouring!

-Angie Hunt, Award Winning Stylist

Chatters Winnipeg Empress. Insta: @angie_hunt_