Blondie and Brunette Balayage Inspo

Whether you're blonde, brunette or somewhere in between, we all know how popular balayage has been the past few years! Balayage is a colour technique where the stylist paints the colour onto strands for a really natural sunkissed finish. We went to Jennifer, a trusted stylist from London to offer you guys some major balayage #HairInspo for your next appointment.

Blonde: Before

My model had super grown out blonde highlights and wanted something still blonde but lower maintenance. So we decided to do a shadow root but brought up the blonde higher around the face and also made her more of an ash blond rather than a brass blonde.

Blonde: After

Some products I used to style were the Revlon Professional UniqueOne Leave In, some AG Dry Lift for a little extra volume at the roots and AG Tousled Texture on ends to give the perfect textured relaxed wave look.

Brunette: Before

My brunette model had reddish super grown out ends and wanted her balayage brought back up but didn’t want to see nearly as much warmth and to be more of a blondish colour on the lighter pieces.

Brunette: After

For styling we did pretty much the same as our blonde model because styling products don't discriminate!

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