Beauty Pros

Brenda Friesen, South Centre Calgary

What salon do you work at and how long have you been there?

I am an elite stylist and the Service Manager at the Southcentre location in Calgary and have been there for over a year.

One of your favorite things about your job?

I always like being around people whether it's the staff  or the clients in my chair. I love getting to talk with my clients and get to know them inside and out. It’s not always about the hair, part of the job is just being a real person.

What does style happy mean to you?

For me style happy doesn't mean just a good haircut, it means the client comes in and leaves happy and confident wanting to come back and see me. A part of the job is maintaining client retention, I have been a stylist for 26 years and have clients that have been with me since the start.

Something fun or surprising about you?

A lot of people don't realize that I grew up on a farm, I’m a city girl 100% but I always surprise people when they learn I can talk grains and animals. I know a little about everything and a lot of nothing.

If you could give your younger self life or work advice what would that be?

Don’t take yourself too seriously, when we are young we are worried about the things we do and how we look in other people's eyes. In the big scheme of things everyone accepts you for who you are and loves you no matter what.

Favorite style trend or hair era?

I was a teeenager in the 80s so bigger is always better. Back then everything was so individual and original. I do love the modern trends and techniques like curling hair with a straightener it creates a nice natural looking style. I still try to suggest things that are a little different to my clients so they can express their originality without being too crazy.

What celebrity would you love to style?

I would like to get a hold of all the women from the young and the restless. I have been watching the soap opera for years and they all have awesome hair, but I would love to change up their styles.

What does a good day on the job look like to you?

Yesterday was a perfect example, I had a client come in and tell me she had cancer, I let her talk and be herself. We did a cut and colour and she got a total makeover. When I was done she started to get emotional and tell me how much she appreciated that I let her be her and have such a  positive energy. It makes me feel so good to have my clients leave my chair feeling special. I love to talk with them but sometimes I have to be the impartial person and just listen to their story.

Personal philosophy?

I just like to go to work with a positive outlook, it makes people feel better and sets a positive atmosphere for the salon.

Two favorite products?

Right now I love the Unite Lazer Straight Shampoo and I’ve always loved all the Redken products.


I’m all about camping, spending time with family and  walking my dogs.

Mentor in the industry?

Yes Jennifer Moore, she was my DM and ironically we met about 20 years ago. She was my  waitress at the restaurant and she worked herself from waitress to district manager to director. She proves that hard work and perseverance pays off.  Even if you don’t know what you are doing at the beginning, hard work will lead you to success.