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Canada 150 Makeover Challenge Part 2

We have more makeovers from Canada Day that were just too good to keep to ourselves! Here are some more of our personal favourites from our Canada 150 Makeover Challenge!

Langley Willoughby Centre

Rene was the stylist who completed this romantic design. The look was chosen because the guest wanted to try something very natural and on trend. It was also low maintenance, so the customer would be able to keep it for a while without having to come back into the salon for a touch up. Rene was going for a very sun kissed look. The colour was hand painted into her hair, in places where the sun would hit it most. RedKen pre-hand lightener was used; after painting it in, Rene let it sit for 45 minutes.
In the end, Rene had fun doing this design. She found it cool to learn about what someone her guest’s age was into, and what she valued in the service industry.

Saskatoon Stonegate Mall

The stylist who completed this design was Sina, her guest is a regular client of hers.  When choosing the colour to be used, Sina and the customer chose the silver they went with because they had tried literally every other colour there was in her hair, so of course they wanted to try something new! Sina also wanted to choose a design that would be low enough maintenance for her client, so that she would be able to keep up with the maintenance of the style. First, she foiled the customer’s whole head to lighten it up. Next, she toned her hair twice to get rid of the warmer pigments that were naturally found in her hair. Lastly, she applied makeup to the customer to really give the look that wow factor! In the end, the guest was extremely happy with how this design turned out. She especially liked how the new colour blended with her naturally dark roots.

Winnipeg Empress Street

The stylist that completed this design was Lisa. The customer the design was completed on has been seeing Lisa for more than 20 years, so it’s safe to say they have a pretty good relationship. The design wasn’t a big change for the customer, it was more of a freshening up kind of hair style to update her look. First, Lisa applied highlights to her roots, and then added toner in between to help lighten up the hair.  Next, she applied toner to the tips of her hair. The goal was to tone out the more golden colouring and replace it with a more natural looking blonde colour. In her words she “wanted to lighten and brighten my client’s hair”. The customer loved the end result, as did Lisa. They both thought it turned out extremely well; not too flashy and extravagant, but definitely a fresh and gorgeous look! The client liked the hair design so much, she bought Lisa a gift card as a thank you. There’s nothing like knowing you can make your guest feel style happy!