Canada 150 Makeover Challenge

What better way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday than with 150 makeovers across the country? We put some of our most talented stylists to the test and the results are amazing! We decided to share some with you guys along with some of the makeover process!

Abbotsford Power Centre

Kim was the Stylist who completed the design for this location. This style was chosen because it would be low maintenance and would allow the customer to keep it, without having to break her bank account.
Kim’s customer usually goes for darker, redder hair colours, but for the Canada Day Makeover, she decided to try a slightly lighter colour.
Initially, Kim used a PH Bonder to lighten the hair from the more maroon colour it was. She then used green toner to take down the yellows and oranges that were present afterwards.
In the end, it was a rather complex process to get to the perfect end colour, many different colour formulas were used to really master this look. However we think it was well worth it, don’t you?

Calgary Beacon Hill Centre

Ashley was the Stylist who completed the design for this location. Her client usually always went with darker colours to try and cover up those grey hairs, but for the challenge, she and Ashley wanted to go for something very different.
They decided to change it up by bringing out the silver tones, while darkening the rest of her hair around her face.
Ashley foiled out the blonde highlights in the customers hair, and then put chromatic colour on the foils. After washing out the colour, she then toned it to a more silvery colour to better capture the look they wanted.
In the end, Ashley felt that this design turned out really well! The customer was feeling down that day, and was wanting a change, so this really boosted the customer’s mood and made her feel style happy!

London Hyland’s Centre

The stylist who completed this look was Corrine. The client chosen is normally a very serious person, but she is also in a band, which lead to the decision to add some fun pink highlights to her hair! This was done to make it look both a bit rebellious, but also highlight her feminine side.
They did a full balayage, which allowed the hair to fully blend. They then lightened the hair to a pale yellow, rinsed it, and used PH Bonder number 2. After that, they rinsed, shampooed, and put toner in.
The customer didn’t want to look at what was being done to her hair, so Corrine had her face away from the mirror in order to add some anticipation for the big reveal!
In the end, the customer was so overjoyed with how it turned out, she ended up crying with excitement! This made Corrine incredibly happy, as she wasn’t quite sure how the customer would react. In the end she was so thrilled that she was able to make her client feel that good in her own skin!

What do you guys think? Which makeover is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts! Make sure to stay tuned for more Canada 150 Makeovers!