Chatters Hair Show model call- Oct. 21 @6:30 pm Sheraton Red Deer

2016 Chatters hair show



2016 Chatters Symposium Wed Finale

Every year our salon team mates from every salon across the country join together in Red Deer for our national symposium.  It’s a combination of awards, business meetings and stylist education. Redken brings their elite team of educators and showcase the latest cool techniques on stage.
We need hair models to help complete our show. Here’s the basic criteria:

  1. Males and females needed.
  2. Must be 16 or over.
  3. Must be available during the days of the show as per segment you are chosen for. Show dates Oct. 23-25 including prep. (Details apply)
  4. Hair and presentation models needed. If you’re a professional model please contact us at or call 403-346-2783.

It’s a great stage experience, with wardrobe and makeup, lights, energy and music. Curious to know more? Email us :


  1. Is this volunteer or paid? This is a volunteer opportunity but we do offer some product gifting for those who are chosen and participate in the show.
  2. Can my family members watch?  Sorry but this is a private Chatters event and guests are not permitted to attend.
  3. If I am chosen to be part of the show can I get pictures of myself on stage? We will do our best to get some and send to you if you provide us your email address.
  4. What if I cannot attend during the entire days of the event? Upon being chosen for the show Redken will fully discuss hours and times with you. We try our best to work with you.
  5. What if I don’t want to color or cut my hair? This is a 2 day professional education segment, entirely focused on showcasing new cuts, colors and styles. We cannot fulfil our training vision for the stylists who attend the event unless we can demonstrate the new looks. If you are uncertain about having  anything done to your hair this may not be the event for you.
  6. Do I have to wear high heels and walk on the stage? Likely, yes. You will have an opportunity to practice.
  7. Does height or weight matter? Redken always suggests that candidates height be in proportion to their weight. The wardrobe team is only able to bring a certain amount of clothing  and size ranges for the show. If you are interested to audition, come out!
  8. Where is the model call: It’s at the Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer. Come out for 6pm. It generally runs until 9 pm depending on how many people show up and how the audition process goes.
  9. How will I know if I am chosen? If you are chosen the Redken team will let you know. At that time you will have to sign some forms and chat with the style team before leaving.  If you are not chosen we sincerely thank you for coming out.

For any and all questions please contact us at 403-342-5055 or email