Current Mood: Colour Changing Products

So many of us have the same dilemma... PICKING A COLOUR! Whether its for your hair, for your nails, or for coordinating accessories. Well now you don't have to choose! We've rounded up all the sweet colour changing mood products so that you never have to choose again! Well at least for now 😉 At Chatters we love trying new products so we had lots of fun experimenting with some of these.It's time for all you babes to get moody! Shop these products in salons or online HERE.

Seche Special Effects Top Coat

This top coat is the ultimate way to revamp your already existing polish collection. Simply apply over top of your favourite shade of dark or light colour for some sweet special effects. Take your pick between Blue Opal for a moonstone vibe, Holographic for an intergallactic look, or Glitter for a pinky shimmer.

Punky Colour Mood Switch Heat Activated Hair Colour

Now you'll never have to choose between two hair colours again! Watch your colour change from one to another simply by exposing your hair to heat. The colours shift when they reach 30 degrees Celsius, so watch them change when you blow dry, heat style, or step out on a hot sunny day. Just be sure to wear gloves when applying. Check out how the colour changes below!

Lechat Dare to Wear Mood Polish

Move over mood rings! Mood polish is the latest and greatest in moody finger decor! Coming in an array of shades, our HQ product expert Kayla weighed in on what she loves about them below!

Light to Dark

Okay people – this is exciting. Quick back story. Growing up, one of my favorite things to do with my mom was paint our nails. We never get our nails done professionally, especially not acrylic or gel. Because when you grow up in an Asian household, you just don’t spend your money on those things! So we had every single color of polish you could imagine. Between the two of us we could probably open our own outlet store just selling nail polish. But we ain’t never seen anything like this before! As you can see in the photo, running cold water over the colour completely changes the colour!

Hot vs. Cold

This polish is SO. MUCH. FUN. I’m obsessed. Seriously. I have never stared at my nails so often in my life. This “color changing” technology is the hottest trend sweeping through the nation – and it really works with this polish! You’re basically getting two colors in one…and these colors are absolutely gorgeous. The polish goes on smooth for a perfectly manicured look. Watch it go from “cold” to “hot” as it dries on your nails, and watch it change throughout your day as the temperature around you changes. If you have long nails or nail tips on, you can achieve the most beautiful ombre look just by using a single bottle of nail polish – no sponges! No blending! Make sure you finish with a layer of Top Coat to keep your nails fly as heck all summer long! I'm wearing the shade Rose Quartz.

Soho Glow in the Dark Hair Extensions

Have platinum blonde highlights by day, and mesmerizing glowing strands by night. These cool new glow in the dark highlights and taking the music festival world by storm this summer! Not to mention you can curl or straighten them at temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can style them however your heart desires.