Beauty Pros

Dani Corsault – Chatters London, Masonville

How did you get your start in the industry?
I started in the hair industry right out of high school. My parents were not entirely sure what I was doing so at the time it was hard for them to offer support. I wanted to work with my hands so I decided to shadow a friend at a salon. I ended up in Toronto and went to school and hoped to break out of my shy zone. It was after this I went back to my friend’s salon and started working there.

How did you connect with Chatters?
A lot of people I knew at the time worked at Chatters. I saw how they loved it. Pam the salon owner where I work is a lovely person. She left the door open for me to come to her salon when I was ready for a move.

How long have you been working at Chatters Masonville?
I’ve been there since it opened in 2017. I’ve been building up clientele since then and proud to now be an Elite special stylist.

Tell us about some of your favorite products.
I tend to have a lot of male clients, so I find they gravitate to Reuzel. It works on any texture hair and is super versatile.

What does creativity mean to you?
A lot of it comes down from being able to envision something and recreate it. You have to differentiate yourself. People can always do cuts the same way. What can you do different that has appeal and gets people to come back to you. Think outside the box and apply your knowledge.

Why should someone choose you as their stylist?
I really pay close attention to detail. If you want a haircut I’ll be able to give you something different, set it apart from everyone else’s’ cut.

Where do you get your inspiration?
On Instagram. Names like Matt Conrad, StayGold 31. When I am not working I am always on my phone watching certain things, especially popular people in London and the different tricks they use.

Share with us some of the latest trends you’re seeing.
Trends for men right now are all about the pompadour and also longer tops. People are wanting to try different things. Beards are huge. People are having more fun with them, keeping them more well-kept. Women are going for bobs because well these are classic.

Do you have a hidden talent or something interesting about yourself you can share?
I’m pretty outdoorsy. I like essential oils and crystals.

What are some of your goals?
Build a clientele. Always practice. Spent time in the chair to make myself the best barber/stylist possible.

What’s your personal philosophy?
A couple things. The difference between a good haircut and a great one is two weeks. By two weeks it’s already started to grow out. At that point you can see any hair pieces that are sticking out and maybe not blended in properly. And the other thing is I always say “live life as if each day were your last.”