Dry Shampoos – What? Why? How?

Dry Shampoos – What? Why? How? – Amanda Renforth, Summit Centre Mall Kamloops

What is dry shampoo?
Dry shampoo is just that — a dry substance that cleans your hair without the use of water, usually in either powder or spray form. Dry shampoo works by absorbing oil from your scalp and hair, making it look and feel freshly washed again. Some brands carry tinted dry shampoos to match your hair tone to avoid the look of powdery residue at your roots.

Benefits of dry shampoo:

  • Helps to maintain the life of your style
  • Great for travelling or camping
  • Extends the life of your blowout
  • Prevents damage to extensions caused by washing
  • Excellent to refresh your look on the go

How do you use dry shampoo?
When using a spray form of dry shampoo, spray from a distance of about 8-10 inches, and lightly tousle the hair focusing on the root area. Be careful not to spray too close to the hair as it can end up looking powdery.
If you’re using a powder form of dry shampoo, apply the product to your roots in small sections and work in with your fingers.

A few of my favorite dry shampoos:

Joico Instant Re-fresh
Instant Refresh is a lightweight spray in dry shampoo, with a fresh citrus scent. It’s so light that it leaves no white residue. This one is suitable for all hair types, and safe for colored hair.

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo
This spray in dry shampoo comes in 2 tones, light and dark. This product contains UV-protectant, Argan oil, and leaves no dull residue. It also has the amazing signature Moroccan Oil Scent, one of my personal favorites!

Verb Dry Shampoo
This is a powder form dry shampoo that absorbs impurities and re-energizes your look. For best results apply in small sections in the hair, allow to set for around 2 minutes then massage into the scalp. Afterwards brush through the lengths of the hair to distribute evenly. This dry shampoo has a very mild scent, contains no parabens, gluten, or sulfates.

Dry shampoo is also great to revamp your style with added texture. It’s a fabulous option to use before styling a top knot, loose ponytail, or other updos for that extra grip and control. If your style is feeling a little flat, the added texture achieved from applying dry shampoo is a great way to increase volume. Simply massage your scalp and tousle the hair throughout the day to instantly achieve effortless body.

Tell us about some of the ways you like to use dry shampoo!