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Fall Vibes: Naturally Smooth Flat Iron Waves

Let’s talk about waves baby! So many of us have relied so heavily on our curling irons to get those bouncy curls but 2017 is all about a more natural take on things and sometimes a curling iron just won’t cut it for those truly effortless looking beachy waves. We’ve come up with the ultimate silky loose wave routine which is sure to cause tons of hair envy among your peers.

Step 1: Prep

Creating the perfect look starts as soon as you get out of the shower with a smoothing and moisturizing blow dry treatment. If you haven’t incorporated this step into your routine already, you’re missing out. Using a blow dry lotion helps to smooth frizz and can cut your drying time in half! One of our current favourites is the AG Naturals Rosehip Balm. It is formulated with over 98% plant based and naturally derived ingredients that really help to calm and seal the hair cuticle. Organic apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, mango seed butter, and hydrolyzed quinoa help eliminate frizz, rebuild strength and add shine and elasticity.

Apply a quarter-size amount to clean damp hair, focusing on the ends, and comb through before blow drying.

Step 2: Protect

We know you’ve heard it a million times “ALWAYS use a heat protectant” but we seriously can’t stress enough how important this step is! Think of heat protectant as a shield that protects your hair from the harsh conditions of your styling tools. It prevents damage, split ends, breakage, and can often aid in the styling process of your hair. For this look we chose the S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray to really absorb the heat applied to hair while styling. It also conditions the hair to leave it extra smooth and silky. Not to mention it smells amazing.

Spritz this all over the lengths of your hair but keep in mind a little goes a long way!

Step 3: Volume

When you’re creating a really smooth and silky look your hair can often be left looking flat. To avoid this, it might be a good idea to add a bit of root booster to really pump up your look. We are currently loving the Osis+ Session Label Powder Cloud to really give you that lightweight flexible texture. It acts as a super fine mist-to-powder spray to give you instant volume and rough texture to really give that lifted effect. It is infused with Lava Rock extract that’ll give you that grit to boost your roots but won’t leave your hair feeling heavy weighed down.

Aim the nozzle at your roots and rough up with your fingers to really pump up the volume.

Step 4: Styling

Now comes the intimidating part…STYLING. We get it, curling with a straightening iron? Sounds like rocket science, however it is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. One of our all time favourite tools, the Kenneth Bernard Vibe Flat Iron is the perfect tool to achieve that loose flat iron curl. The vibration setting on this iron rapidly moves the hair so that the heat is distributed evenly through each section, while sealing in moisture and bringing out your natural shine.

Take bigger sections to create fuller waves.

Step 5: Finishing

Now that you’ve achieved the perfect effortless wave you don’t want your style to go flat as soon as you’re out the door. We all need a bit of back up to ensure our style will last us all hours of the day- or night! Since this look is all about that healthy shine, we don’t want to use a hairspray that’ll leave your hair looking dry or crunchy. One that we highly recommend is the Kenra Alcohol Free Shaping Spray 21. It is the first professional hairspray to be alcohol free and allows for INSANE moisture retention! It also offers and extra firm hold so that your curls will last and last.

Spray on the lengths of your hair to add the finishing touch

Show us your finished look and make sure to hashtag #stylehappy! You can shop all of these products in salons or online here.