Style & Tips

Finding the right stylist-guest match

You're an experienced stylist, what's it like to really click with a guest?
It literally takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. This stands true for myself when I meet a client. I make eye contact, hair contact and usually, almost always connect with a big smile shared both ways. We usually have something in common and it's so nice to start chatting about life, or love, pets or kids, or family. There is just so much people have in common. It's like peeling back the layers ever so gently and carefully. I am so happy to have a career to connect with people on every level.

Can you share a story with us about a guest you've really clicked with?
I click with every one of my clients, most of who I consider friends that I get to visit with every 4-6 weeks. Every now and then, I have the exact same interests and hobbies as the same people in my chair, and we geek out together talking about TV shows, Comicon's, sewing or painting. Sometimes, it's not always about the hair.