Style & Tips

Get The Look- Chic Topknot

It’s easy to set yourself up with a chic style for the day that’s a great base for an elegant style for night-time.

Day time look:

fullres-1Start off with Joico Color Endure Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Joico Color Endure Conditioner to protect your fabulous colour and nourish your hair.

Spray some Joico Ironclad Thermal Spray on wet hair before blow-drying. Once dry, spray again and curl in medium sections then let cool. Hot tip: leave ends out when curling. Use the Hot Tools EZ Styler for easy and glamorous curls!

dsdfComb fingers through hair to create a ‘lived in’ look while spraying with a volume texturizer. We recommend the Joico Hair Shake.

dsdffFinish with a volumizing hairspray like Joico Flip Turn to lock in your volume and waves.

dfsdfBehind the scenes!
Night look:

fullres-4Refresh your day hairstyle with a dry shampoo to absorb oils, create volume and give you an evening pick-me-up. We recommend this one!

Take a rectangular section of hair from forehead to crown. Secure with an elastic, creating a ponytail. It’s easy with the kb Collection Traceless Hair Ties.

Spray ponytail with hairspray, then wrap hair around the base of the hair tie to create a bun. Tuck ends into the hair tie.

Use a medium hold hairspray to lock in your style. We recommend the JoiMist Medium Finishing Spray.

Finish with a shimmer spray like the Joico Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray so your hair shines all night long.