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Get the Look- Fabulous Fishtail Braid

Day time:fullres-22

To start, use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to add moisture like the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply an all-in-one conditioning product before drying to detangle and speed up your blowdrying time. We recommend this one. Split hair into sections and curl from midway down to the ends. Repeat in all the sections. Brush out with a comb to loosen the curls.

sdfsddBackcomb one or two pieces of hair the crown and spray with hairspray.

dddddTake the hair from the temples back to the top section of the crown. Secure that hair in a really loose ponytail using a kb Traceless Hair Ties. Pull the ponytail through the middle of the top: place two fingers going upwards underneath the hair, above the ponytail, then pass the ponytail end through to your fingers and pull through.

ddddddddKeep it loose and low!


Night time:

fullres-66Absorb daytime oils and create volume by using a dry shampoo. We recommend Pureology Fresh Approach. Prep hair for the braid by spraying a texturizing mist all over and scrunching the hair. Work a little shine texturizer into your hair to eliminate fly-aways and keep strong sections when braiding.
Pull sections from the front of the head back. Using horizontal slices alternate the ponytails from left or right of the center ponytail. Do the same technique with the ponytail by pulling it through, leaving all the hair to the right side of the model.

ddddddddsdfdddDivide the hair into two equal sections starting the fishtail braid by holding the two sections in either hand. Using your other hand, pull a one eighth of an inch section out from the left side and putting into the right side.

ssssssssssssAlternating from right to left and taking sections left to right all the way down the hair. Remember you are taking from the outside of the hair and bringing into the inside of the hair. Put a ponytail in the end leaving about 3 inches.

sdfsdfsdfdPull the ponytail down about an inch and pull each section out of the fishtail braid to loosen i t – “undoing” your work to thicken the appearance of the braid.

sdfsdfsdfdddUse fingers to distress the edges of the hair. Create some curls to frame your face. Backcomb ponytail end and spray it with a control spray with flexible hold.


Done by stylist Brittney Cox.