Getting Personal About Going Green: Sarah

The Green Circle System

As some of you may know, we use the Green Circle system in our salons to divide our waste properly. In the beginning of working with this system it was a challenge and adjustment trying to figure out what was considered garbage and what could be recycled in which kind of bin. Before this program, I never thought about exactly how much we were wasting, although it crossed my mind, 'this can't be good for the environment.

We're Green for Good

Having this program has started a conversation with the guests in our chair. When they have brought snacks or a drink into the salon and they're looking for a garbage, we inform them that we no longer have garbage available on the salon floor. We recycle everything from paper, plastics, metals, and hair. They can simply leave their discarded items at our stations and we will sort out what is garbage and what can be repurposed. Of course they are more than happy to do so and in shock when we educate them on the purpose of recycling their hair and how its helping to clean oil spills in the ocean.

Education for a Greener Future

My home life has since improved in efforts to sort garbage from re purpose items with the help of Green Circle. I've become better educated. In my neighborhood we have organics, recycle and garbage bins. We can order as many recycle and organic bins as we need without yearly charge with the exception of garbage bins.

In conclusion, Green Circle is an amazing program that should have been around years earlier. I believe it hass helped make communities and salons more aware of waste while being consciousness of the environment.