Give your hair a drink

AG Hair Moisture Mask

This mask treatment helps even out hair porosity, seals moisture into your cuticles, eliminates frizz from physical or chemical damage, and it’s over 95% plant-derived. It can be used on anything from fine & limp, to coarse & over-processed hair. Basically, the longer you leave it on, the more benefits you get. The directions say to use it as a pre-shampoo treatment, or after using the AG Cleansing Cream. They also say to leave the mask on for 30 minutes, but…who has the time?!

A Hair Emergency

…I really need a haircut. Bad. I am not great at taking care of my hair, despite the fact that I was a Stylist, or that I have cupboards FULL of hair repair products at home, or that I barely ever colour it anymore. Last summer I got adventurous with the ombre trend, taking my level 3 almost-black hair up to a level 9 almost-platinum. So that in tandem with all the hot, dry weather we’ve been having will result in a lot of split ends and breakage waiting to happen.

See Ya Later Split Ends

So, I did none of these things. I shampooed as usual with my AG Natural Balance Shampoo, then applied this mask from mid-shaft to end and left it on in the shower for about 15 minutes. You can leave it on with a cap overnight if you so desire. I’m not good with measurements, but picture Winnie-the-Pooh scooping a taste of honey out the top of the jar with his paw…that’s how much I used. It was enough to completely saturate my very thick hair. This same container will definitely last a few months with regular use. After rinsing the mask, I followed with the AG Natural Boost Conditioner, and then towel-dried. The next morning – wow! Just getting up and walking around my house, I could feel a difference with the way my hair moved around my shoulders. As in, each strand was free to move individually instead of lumping together in a tangled mess! It took next to no time to style, felt so smooth and had a beautiful shine. What split ends??

The Results are In

I loved everything about this product: the pretty “royal tea party” flowers on the label, the delicate floral scent that wasn’t overpowering, and the fact that it has an almost entirely plant-based formula while still providing intense results! All of AG’s products are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free – I cannot stress how important this is to me. I even loved the no-nonsense shape of this mask’s container; it will never topple over in your shower and land painfully on your toes! And it is well worth the price point, considering that I’d pay more for someone to remove all that length instead of repairing it. If your hair is begging for a drink, give the AG Moisture Mask a try. You can shop this beauty powerhouse in salons or online at