Hair Appliance Technology 101

Shopping for a new hair appliance? The terms and technology can get really confusing. Do you want a higher wattage or lower? Do you want an AC motor or a DC motor? What is better for your hair type, far infrared heat or nanotechnology?
We are going to break down these terms to help you make the best purchase possible.

Does a higher wattage mean the hairdryer is more powerful?blog size
Wattage is simply related to how much power the appliance consumes. A higher wattage means the appliance is working harder, typically meaning that the hairdryer is producing more airflow or heat. Keep in mind that the design of the hairdryer can make it more efficient, so wattage isn’t the only thing you should be looking at when choosing a hair dryer.

What’s the difference between an AC (alternate current) motor and a DC (direct current) motor?
An AC motor is typically quieter than a DC motor, but a DC motor is lighter and smaller. AC motors are more durable, last longer and are more powerful than DC motors, but they are also more expensive.
See an AC motor here, a DC motor here.

What are negative ions?
Negative ions are atoms that prevent the growth of bacteria and can leave you with healthier hair and scalp. They are powerful enough to break apart water molecules, which makes your hair dry faster but also pushes smaller water molecules into your hair strand, adding volume and moisture. Negative ions also close the hair cuticle, which means shiny, smooth hair!
A couple good options here and here.

What is far infrared heat?
Far infrared rays of heat are electro-magnetic waves of energy that penetrate into the hair shaft, drying hair from the inside out. This means that more moisture remains on the outside of the hair shaft, leaving your hair smooth and less prone to damage.
We love this one.

What is a ceramic hairdryer?
Ceramic dryers help reduce frizz and static by using far infrared heat, which is gentler on your hair and leaves you with a smooth finish.
This type of heat allows hair to withstand higher levels of heat without damage.
A great option here.