Hairsprays for happy hair days

Melissa Gilbert, Chatters Cottonwood Mall Chilliwack

Here are my two must-have hairsprays!

Kenneth Bernard Layering Spray

First off, the smell is phenomenal! I love using this medium hold spray when I'm working behind the chair because it's so versatile. I lightly spray it on blow dried hair and brush it through before styling my guest's hair with an iron. This KB spray is so soft and brushable yet it holds the style all day long without any flakes or sticky residue. And I love the fact that it has Tru-Last technology in it the help protect the hair color.

Design Me Hold Me Hairspray

This hairspray is my go-to for travelling and home because it has 3 levels of hold in one can. All you have to do is turn the nozzle to whichever amount of hold you want; Light, Medium or High, and spray away. The Light hold is perfect for taming flyaways, the Medium hold will keep your style in place but still leave you with bounce and volume, and the High hold is great for event styling that

Rocelyn Hodson, Chatters Southlands Regina

I'm in love with my Moroccanoil Hairspray!

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

The hair spray comes in three holds, medium, strong, and extra strong. My personal favourite is the strong hold, I use this hairspray daily on myself and my guests behind my chair. This hairspray gives the hold you need without weighing down the hair and also adds shine! I find that this is the perfect hairspray to hold up against humidity and wind! My pro tip for using this hairspray with curling the hair, curl the hair as you would, spray some directly into the hair and let it rest for a bit, then go back in with a boar bristle brush, spray the brush with the strong hold hairspray (wave it around a few times so it’s not wet if you spray too much) and brush through your curls! This is the best way not to get the frizz that often comes with brushing out your curls. Fluff up your hair and you're done! I love this hairspray the most! And the smell is to die for!

Amanda Atara, Chatters Summit Kamloops

This is probably my favourite product of all time!

Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray

I have used this hairspray forever. I remember saving my babysitting money to buy it.  It’s a “extra firm” hair spray that doesn’t feel like one. Humidity resistance is great to keep flyaways at bay. Shaper has a great mild fresh scent that is not over powering. Has great all day hold without making hair heavy or sticky feeing.

Goldwell Ultra Hold 4 Hairspray

I love Goldwell's Stylesign Perfect Hold Big Finish Volumizing 4 Hairspray! It smells AMAZING, gives a great, yet flexible hold, and dismisses the look of frizz. Great for locking in your curls or holding that updo in place!

Jennifer Dartch, Chatters Fanshawe London

I'm a big fan of CHI hairspray.

CHI Enviro 54

I love the Chi Enviro 54 natural hold because it is never stiff feeling or sticky. It's perfect for touchable tousled styles. If you can imagine a hairspray that holds your style without feeling like there is actually anything in the hair. That's why this is an amazing hairspray!

Kassidy Goodall, Chatters HQ

This one is great for super relaxed styles!

AG Dry Wax

I really love this spray to finish off my signature relaxed beach waves. Its packed with lots of natural ingredients that I'm a big fan of. My hair is never left feeling sticky or stiff like you see with other hairsprays. It really helps to add volume and tame frizz and leaves a really nice matte finish which I love. I spray a generous amount all over my strands after I finish styling, and then I carry around a travel size to touch up my style on the go if I need to! Highly recommend to all you low maintenance girls.

Cia Hurlburt, Chatters St. Albert

I love the smell of this spray so much I could almost eat it.

Sexy Hair Vibrant Color Lock Hairspray

I absolutely love Sexy Hair Vibrant Color Lock Hairspray. It's infused with rose and almond oil. and has a 6 out of 10 hold that gives massive shine. It holds my style steady all day and protects my hair color with its anti fade UV feature.