Hanh Tran – Chatters Surrey Guildford Town Centre

Hanh Tran: Chatters Surrey Guildford
2017 Winner: Stylist of the Year

Hanh Tran pictured here (middle) with Terry Ritcey National Education Director, Redken Canada and Corine Sim (right) VP Marketing & Branding.

What prompted you to enter the Dare to Hair competition this year?
I actually entered the makeover challenge competition a year ago (2016) and made it into the final 12. I was very surprised and excited that this motivated me to try again. Making it into the final 12 really showed me that I could compete with other stylists. So this year I entered the Dare to Hair with a very strong hope to win.

How did you find your model for this year’s competition?
My brother’s girlfriend was really looking for a big change and she was open to new things. I did create a big change for her and it was an amazing experience, creating that transformation for someone. She told me she trusted me and I could do what I wanted. In the end she has now become my customer and she loves her hair.

Can you share any Dare to Hair challenges you experienced?
I am still learning about the photography process and each time I enter a contest I learn more. This year I had some technical issues with equipment and lighting, but we got it solved. I’d say always plan ahead and down to the last detail.

What does winning the Stylist of the Year Award mean to you?
It has given me new self esteem, especially within this industry that is full of so many incredible creative talents. I had convinced myself I couldn’t compete with other stylists, but here I am! I really enjoy working at  Chatters and I love my job so much. .

Do you plan to enter the contest again next year?
Yes definitely I do. I want to do something even more daring. I had to be a bit conservative with my model because of her lifestyle/career, but next year I want to go crazy with color.

What was it like coming back to the salon after your win at conference?
It’s been amazing, everyone is so supportive. I hope my good fortune pushes them to enter next year and to win as well.

How did you benefit from the conference this year? Other than winning the major award!
It’s always a boost to get the knowledge from training and it gives me a confidence boost as well. I find attending conference hypes me up and pushes me to do more, be more. It’s possible in our day to day life to get off track and the conference helps get me centred and motivated all over again.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
As a hairstylist I get my inspiration from the people in my chair. Other places include Instagram, other stylists, TV and award shows, social media, fashion and even the seasons!

What are some cool facts about you Hahn?
I really like “fixing” peoples’ hair issues like bad hair banding, dead ends, home colors that don’t turn out etc. I love football and tennis, hiking and being active outdoors.