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Heat Protection to Brave the Cold

With the holiday season coming up and so many special occasions coming your way, we know that heat styling is a must to really look and feel your best. With your hair already being dry and damaged from the cold winter air, it is extremely important to make sure you’re protecting your hair from further heat damage while you’re styling.

AG Firewall is the perfect heat protectant for all your sleek holiday hairstyles because not only does it absorb heat from your styling tools, it also manages to smooth your hair in the process. The spray works as a lightweight barrier that prevents breakage and helps to smooth flyaways.  Infused with argan oil, Firewall lets your iron effortlessly glide through your hair as it adds incredible shine. The ultrafine mist allows application to be extremely effortless for an even distribution of the product in your hair.

This multipurpose powerhouse can also be used as a finishing spray to add longevity to your style and keep your look silky smooth all day (or night) long! The spray is also humidity resistant so you don’t have to worry about your smooth and sleek style being ruined as soon as you step outside.

You can shop the AG Firewall Spray in salons or online here.