How to Master the Instagram Game as a Stylist

Keltie Leguilloux, Chatters Social Media Star of the Year

Having a hard time getting the ball rolling with your professional Instagram account? We linked up with Chatters Social Media Star of the Year Keltie for some tips on how to master the Instagram game as a stylist! Photo Credit: @modern_nest_photography

How do you usually go about asking your guest to take a before and after photo?

I usually start right after the consultation. I let them know I have Instagram and where to follow me in order to really broadcast what I do. It’s funny because no one has ever actually said no. I usually ask to take a photo of the back of the hair, which helps if they don’t have makeup on or don’t want their face showing. They really like to see the before after to see what their hair looks like. It was tough at first but I told myself to just go for it and yeah, no one has ever said no!

How do you get the best lighting?

I find my favourite is using a ring light or just natural light. Ring lights are great for the winter when you’re working evenings and losing daylight really fast. They really help the photos to turn out beautifully.

Do you use any photo editing apps to enhance your photos?

I don’t use any photo editing apps because I don’t want to over edit photos, I want my photos to look very natural and organic. I do use the editing features on Instagram and edit lighting and contrast just to enhance the photo a bit. Over editing becomes an issue because you don’t want someone to come in asking for your edited photo and have yourself trying to create something that just isn’t realistic.


How do you keep your account interesting?

A year ago I asked my clients on my account if they were interested in just hair photos or lifestyle and hair and 90% said both! So I share photos of my dog and photos of myself so I try to incorporate some of that along with easy styles they can achieve at home.

What are some tips you have for coming up with catchy captions?

I always struggle with captions! Over time I’ve learned to keep them sweet and simple and then that way it’s not too distracting from the photo.

Where do you find inspiration for your account?

It really depends on the person I’m photographing. When I’m doing in salon photos it’s all about the person and their lifestyle. Outside of the salon I try to do fun little photohshoots with my friends to go with the seasons for example fall or holiday and I like to showcase the latest trends. I think a lot of stylists don’t take advantage of those times when their friends ask you to style their hair! You can always say “Sure, I’ll do your hair-if you let me take some pictures after!”

What are some ways that you help to increase exposure to your account?

Hashtagging is a huge thing! I try to hashtag all the main styles I’m doing and of course colour. A big one I always try to use that gets me exposure in my market is #YYCStylist, because a lot of people in bigger cities find stylists by searching the city stylist hashtags. I also like to tag brands that I’m using in the photos! Lot’s of brands have noticed my photos and have even reshared them for more exposure.


Do you plan your Instagram in advance?

Do you plan your Instagram in advance? Not much. I try to plan my holiday stuff in advance, stuff like summer photos and halloween. I also try to post my client photos as soon as possible, within a week or so because I know they’re excited to see them!

Have you received a lot of new clients or people coming in saying they booked with you because of your Instagram?

Yes! I’ve received tons of clients coming in from instagram! I get a lot of DMs asking questions and I try to get back to them as soon as possible. I also have a lot of them telling the front end staff that they found me through instagram and want to book in with me

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