How to Recreate Katrina Smiley’s Flower Crown This Halloween

Since Halloween is right around the corner we're keeping our eyes peeled for a ton of hairspiration. This year at the Chatters Symposium Katrina Smiley showcased this gorgeous floral crown look that we knew would be perfect for so many costumes! We reached out to Katrina to get the deets on how to recreate this flower crown at home!

The Look: A Flower Goddess

Let's Begin, shall we?

What You'll Need

Silk flowers, glue gun, long foil clips, plastic combs, or headband. You can find inexpensive silk flowers at the dollar store. When it comes to the hair pieces, they don't need to be fancy as we will be covering them up!

Creating a Floral Arrangement

Pull all of the flowers off of their stems. Then you want to arrange them in a cluster as you would like them to sit. Use a combination of small and large flowers and lengthy greenery to build the shape.

Get Gluing

Make small beads of glue on the clips, place flowers how you arranged them and hold until cooled.

Time to Build Your Style

Work with asymmetrical placement and you can place and stack the clips to build them up around the style.

Get That Height

If you want to build a large headband, use long duck bill clips and attach to the headband with hot glue. This will give you pillars and height to work with.

The 360 Degree Look

Work around your piece 360’ so that it looks great from all angles!

Add in the Extras

Place combs and clips in combination to build up the shape!

Now Strut

There you have it! Time to work it girrrrl!