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Inside Look at Redken Fusion

One of our favourite hair events of the year, REDKEN FUSION is here! Three days of inspiring hair education facilitated by some of the best artists in the industry, Fusion is where it's at! We wanted to give you all a little inside peek at the event and the amazing world of Redken, so we sent one of our Beauty Pros Cia to the scene to get the scoop.

Cia Hurlburt, Beauty Pro

"Its hard to think were to start with my experience from Redken Fusion 2018. It was a ball of never before seen visuals and hair artists from around the globe.  I met so many people and old friends and was able to hang out with all of my hair educator superstars!  Check out some of the snaps from my trip!"

Downtown Toronto

Let's start with location, location, location. Fusion is hosted along the waterfront, downtown in Toronto with stunning views of Lake Ontario.

Party Time

With lavish parties right on the water, attendees are able to socialize and network to make lifelong connections and friendships.

Major Swag

Upon arrival attendees receive lots of cute swag including products and other items to help them on their educational journey throughout the event.

Staying in Style

Attendees are living luxe, walking the halls of some of the most beautiful hotels in Toronto.

The Main Event

With so many talented stylists in one place it's hard not to feel inspired.

In Depth Education

Stylist are able to learn about anything from the latest braid techniques to social media engagement. Industry experts from around the world share their expertise in what works and what does not.

Up Close and Personal

The event really allows us to engage one on one with some of the famous Redken artists and pick their brains for some amazing hair tips.

Looks from Around the World

We were able to see so much inspiration from all over the globe. It's fascinating to see how trends vary from country to country.

Men's Segment

Of course, what would a Redken show be without an amazing men's segment? They covered the latest styles and how to use some of their fantastic new products in their Redken Brews men's line.

The Grand Finale

If anyone knows how to go out with a bang it's gotta be Redken! Their amazing finale was completely magical with outstanding hair, wardrobe, and props of course!

Balloons Galore

It was completely mesmerizing to watch the show they put on, with lights, balloons, and good music!

"I will never forget this trip to Toronto for Redken Fusion 2018 and the memories that were made. I learned so much from the 3 days of classes, and believe me an old dog can learn new tricks.  I can't wait to share everything with my work family back home. This has been the trip of my dreams and I urge everyone to check out this show if you can.  There is so much more to learn, and as Redken says "Learn to Earn and Live Better."