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Jelena Frolov – Chatters South Edmonton Common

Jelena Frolov - Chatters South Edmonton Common

Where do you work and what is your role and how long have you worked there? I’m currently at the South Edmonton Common location and I work there as a master stylist. I’m excited to be moving to the Emerald Hills location in May and will be managing at this location as well. I started at the South Edmonton Common location in September 2017. Before that I was at Chatters Mount Pearl in Newfoundland from August 2011.

What is your favorite thing about your job? I love interacting with people, listening to them, and being able to make their day brighter. So many people are so busy and always in a rush It’s nice to work in a place where I’m able to take a bit of that stress away and help them as much as possible.

If you could style any celebrity person's hair who would it be? I think Lady Gaga. She has such an edgy, almost avant garde style, it would be so fun to create a cool textured look for her.

Favorite thing to do on a day off? I really enjoy reading and going through social media to find new inspiration. I also love spending time with my family, especially my daughter and engaging in outdoor activities.

Anyone a mentor to you?  A couple Redken artists have been huge mentors to me. Stephanie Russell from Newfoundland and Celene Dupuis are both such strong women with inspirational energy. 

Do you have a personal philosophy? “Never give up and keep going”

Have you ever entered dare to hair contest? What was that experience like? If it was a good experience how would you suggest someone else to enter? I have! My first time I ended up making it to the finals which was very unexpected and such a good experience. The second time I think my style was a little too much so I’ve had to learn to find balance. My advice would be to not be afraid, no matter what it’s a learning experience and it’s important to just give it a try!

What does creativity mean to you? To be unique, not necessarily to create something that no one else has done before, but to create something with your own personal style and voice from within and being able to express yourself.

What does style happy mean to you? Lots! I think for me it means that no matter what, I want my customer to leave with a smile on their face, not only with having a great style, but having confidence in that style. I want them to feel taken care of and know how to style their new look, what products to use, and so on. To me, my customer is number 1.

When did you know you wanted to be a stylist? I’ve known since I was a little girl as funny as it sounds. I actually used to take my mom’s nail polish and colour my doll’s hair with it and I actually cut my dad’s hair for the first time when I was 10 so you could say I always knew.

Can you describe your best day on the job? A good day on the job for me is a busy day where I’m able to help lots of customers. I also love days where I’m able to help my coworkers with any questions they have. I’m always willing to help them with colour formulas or anything else they need, even if I’m not at the salon I always have my phone on me to help them out.

How can you tell Chatters cares about their employees? It’s been 6 and a half years with this company and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think they cared about their employees. Their benefits program is great and I always feel like they have my back. Something that helps me as a stylist is all the free education they offer with classes and their annual symposium to help me further my knowledge. There is also a ton of growth opportunity, as long as you have good work ethic and do your job you’ll see growth.

Favorite hair style trend? Balayage! I see a lot of balayage in my every day routine. I’m getting sick of the grey/silver hair trend though!

Advice to your younger self? Take as many classes as you can, keep your mind open, and always seek inspiration. It’s also a good idea to follow other stylists for inspiration and to help out more experienced stylists in order to learn and ask lots of questions.

One of your favorite products? I love anything Redken, just because I have a lot of knowledge behind the brand and the chemistry and how it works. If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be their One United spray or their Pillow Proof line.