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Joico Hair Shake- Miracle Product!

Why we love the Joico Hair Shake:
–          Adds texture
–          Gives body
–          Has enough hold to make a style last without the hairspray feel
–          Good for second day hair/fringe

How I normally like to use this product is after I finish styling my hair (whether its curling or flat ironing) I push up the hair near the root, and spray  Joico Hair Shake from root to end throughout the crown and a few sprays to the ends. I also like using this product on my fringe especially on day 2 and even day 3 if you dare! Everyone who has a fringe knows the struggle of waking up in the morning and looking like a rooster! What I do is spray this product in, blow-dry with my paddle brush back and forth and voila! Now you have a nice textured bang without having to wash your hair. The other bonus is the less you wash your hair, the longer you can maintain your colour!

Find it at any Chatters Salon or online here.

Tips from Luba Mendrun Chatters Crossroads, Winnipeg.