Jolene Neurauter- 2018 Dare to Hair Award Runner Up

Pictured here L to R: Corine Sim: VP Marketing & Branding Chatters Limited Partnership Jolene Neurauter: Chatters Lloydminster Terry Ritcey: National Education, Redken Canada

Jolene Neurauter - 2018 Dare to Hair

What inspired you to enter the Dare to Hair competition this year?
We have been blessed with a boss that has always had the utmost confidence in our work. She has always encouraged our creativity as stylists and has been the driving force for me to enter year after year. It felt amazing to walk in and see my photo up there as a finalist. It is a great opportunity to have our salon and our personal work recognized. Also I find the complete makeover process completely rewarding. From the smile on your happy confident model, to the pride you feel when you've planned and executed a complete transformation like that.

How did you find your model?
We always do a local makeover competition. We post a model call on social media, and it has always turned out with great results. That is how I found my beautiful model for the Dare to Hair this year.

Tell us about your model’s style.
My model was a young mother who was lacking a little self-confidence. As soon as I saw her I thought she had that Princess Jasmine look. I did a pre-lightened soft balayage and darkened her base with a deep blue undertone to compliment her skin. To create those lovely gem tones we layered in the shimmering turquoise and bright blue. To change her actual style, I gave her a soft but fierce choppy fringe. We then hit it with a muted turquoise splash-light for added dimension. She totally had a face to wear that fringe and she rocked it!

Products used in styling my Dare to Hair entry:

Prime- Redken pillow proof blow dry extender
Blow dry- Redken Guts10 & Redken outshine 01
Style- Redken fabricate 03
Finish- Redken powder grip 03, Redken forceful 23 and Redken shine flash 02

How did you feel when you found out you were a Dare to Hair finalist?
I was shocked and nervous. It was frightening getting up on that stage. It was a fabulous and overwhelming feeling to be recognized at that level in the company of so many amazing people.

What does this win mean for you going forward?
This win means more education, which in this ever changing industry I feel you can never get enough of. Also it will motivate me to push through my technology struggles and improve my social media pages to allow me to share more of my work.

What does creative work mean to you?
I am pretty low key and relatable with my clients, and am very analytical in my work. But sometimes striving for perfection will stifle your creativity. It makes you fearful. And when your fearful you don't venture out of the box. True creativity gives you the ability to dream up and conquer new things fearlessly.

If you were not doing this what else would you be doing?
I can’t imagine doing anything else because I love my job so very much. It is creative and fun and oh so rewarding. To make people smile and feel great by enhancing their beauty....there is just no better feeling.  I am so grateful to have access to continued education at the symposium, and through these fantastic competitions.

Tell us some big takeaways for you from this year’s conference.
It is always such a great time to soak up so much knowledge from so many inspiring professionals.  I love this quote, "There are no mistakes only discoveries." You have to constantly push yourself. Even now after 15 years of doing hair I come home from conference with a rejuvenated passion and excitement for my career.

How does the Dare To Hair recognition help you?
It reminds me of many things I need to know and embrace. Like to keep pushing! Don’t get intimidated or scared to try new things. Have confidence in yourself and faith in your abilities. I have so many wonderful clients that I love and I'm hopeful that this extra exposure will also see me welcoming new clients and new ideas.

2018 Dare to Hair Runner Up

Jolene with Salon Owner: Peggy Bosch