Beauty Pros

Katelyn Armstrong MacDonald, Mayfield Common Edmonton AB

Katelyn Armstrong MacDonald: Beauty Consultant at Mayfield Common Edmonton

How long have you been working with Chatters?
It’s almost coming up on two years.

What are some of your favourite products and why?
I have pretty curly hair so I really like Devacurl because they’ve really mastered what curly hair needs in their ingredients in order to make my curls bouncy and soft. I also really like Purology Shampoos and Conditioners because they’re all sulfate and paraben free so they never weigh my hair down.

What are some of your favourite hair trends?
I love ombre and balyage colouring. It’s super low maintenance and there isn’t as much upkeep involved with your colour because you can let your roots grow out. I also really like some of the funky colour trends with different streaks and tones.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I really love music so I’m always going to lots of concerts and festivals.

How do you help your clients find the right products?
I usually ask them a few questions such as what their hair type is, what problems with their hair I should be aware of, and also what they want to achieve with their styling.

What’s your personal philosophy?
Take everything as it is, relax, and have fun!

What is your favourite hair era?
I would have to say the Victorian Era, a lot of cool and interesting styles were popular at that time.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I would have to say to not take everything so seriously. When you’re young everything seems like the end of the world when really all you should be doing is enjoying yourself and having fun. Another thing is to not get caught up with boys!

What have you learned from working at Chatters?
I have definitely found that the people you work with at Chatters become your family and your support group and we’re all there for each other. I’ve learned a lot about management from my managers that I’ve worked for over the years as well. Although I’ve worked in customer service before Chatters, I definitely feel that I have learned most of my people skills from working here.