Beauty Pros

Kayla Sheppard, Cherry Lane BC

What Salon are you at? How long have you been there? What is your role?

I’ve been at Cherry Lane for about 4 years and I’m the assistant manager so our manager and I work together managing both the salon and the front end.

What’s your favourite product?

I think the whole AG Naturals line is so awesome! I’m really into natural products so these ones are great.

What’s your favourite hair trend?

I really love the half and half colours where half of someones head is black and the other half is lighter, or like I did a while back, I had half pink and half blue! I also really love the modern mullet look.

What does style happy mean to you?

Style Happy to me means being happy with your own style and not looking to others for assurance. If you’re happy with your style then you should just go for it!

Who is your celebrity style sister?

That’s a tough one! I think Cara Delevingne, I love all of her different haircuts

What’s your favourite app?

Instagram! Definitely! Instagram and Snapchat are my most used for sure.

Who do you follow on Instagram for hair inspo?

I follow Guy Tang, Pulp Riot. Philip Wolff for colour inspo, he does so many amazing things with colour, I highly recommend you check him out!

What’s your number one hair hack?

Stop washing your hair so much! It helps me maintain my pH, and I also find second day hair is way easier to style. Plus I love dry shampoo!

What’s your everyday hair routine?

I actually recently buzzed my hair so there really isn’t much that I do but back when my hair was still long I would usually wash or use dry shampoo, use a thermal protectant, flat iron my hair, and then finish it off with a smoothing lotion.

What's your hidden talent?

My hidden talent would be doing makeup! I really enjoy playing with different looks and I'm an avid makeup collector

What’s the number one product you recommend to guests?

Everyone is different and I’ve recommended A LOT of different products! I do typically go for something more natural with natural ingredients. I do sell a ton of AG products, they’re at a good price point and I love their whole line. They kind of have a little bit of everything!

Describe your hair evolution.

I’ve done tons of crazy things to my hair! When I first started at Chatters I had long black hair but with one side shaved. Then I transformed into a super short sort of gradient bob, still dark. After that I had fun and bleached it out and went pink. After bleaching it I kind of went crazy with colour and played with extensions. I’ve been silver 5 times and have tried most of the Joico colours! Then for a little while I had a modern mullet. Then I bit the bullet and got my boyfriend to buzz my hair to grow it out naturally again, sometimes you just need to start fresh!