Beauty Pros

Leah Sheilds Kamloops Summit

What salon do you work and and what is your role? How long have you been there?
I work as a stylist at the Kamloops Summit Centre. I’ve been here for 8 years now.

How did you learn about Chatters?
Chatters is one of the local salons in my community and was actually the first place I applied when I wanted to become a stylist.

How did you choose your entry for the Dare to Hair?
Ashley, my gorgeous model works with me at the salon, she is a beauty. My inspiration came from when i took a photo of the sky during the summer. It was during the fires so you could never see the sky or mountains. One evening it was finally a clear night, the colours in the sky were so beautiful, there was blues, pinks and indigos.

Would you recommend others enter competitions and why?
For sure i would recommend to others, it’s a great opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself as a stylist.  

When/how did you know you wanted to become a stylist?
I always enjoyed doing hair even as a little kid, I was the girl that would cut and style her dolls hair. I also love that being a stylist allows me to make people feel good about themselves and brighten their day.

If you could give your younger self advice what would you say?
The only advice I can think of is to stay in school.

Favorite couple of products?
I really love the Redken Triple Take 32, Redken One United leave in conditioner treatment, and Redken Wax Blast.

Favorite style trend?
I like the beachy and tousled waves.

One of the best things about your job?
Making my clients feel good about themselves.