Let’s Brew Up Some Men’s Styles

Do you define yourself as a traditional man? A trendsetter? A metro man or individualist? Redken Brews will cover your needs whether its styling, cleansing, skin care, or beard care, no matter what type of guy you are! Now let’s break down the products!

Extra Clean Shampoo - formulated for all hair types to remove product build up, eliminate dirt, nourish, and condition. 

Daily Shampoo – formulated for all hair types, this lightweight shampoo works to hydrate and cleanse without stripping the hair.  

Mint Shampoo - delivers a cooling sensation on the scalp and contains a refreshing and energizing mint scent to tickle your senses and wake you up.

3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Bodywash - perfect for the man on the go that doesn't have time to do all three, the only product you'll need in the shower.

Wax Pomade – this is great for polished styles including side or back swept looks. 

Get Groomed Finishing Cream – is super lightweight with soft texture, for a natural looking finish. It’s good for textured coarse hair and for styles that need more moisture and a lighter hold.

Cream Pomade – this water-based pomade is good for smooth flexible styles with medium hold.

Dishevel Fiber Cream – this one is ideal for long hair or man buns. It creates a messy undone finish.

Grip Tight Holding Gel - is good for curly hair or styles that need movement. It'll give you separation with a medium hold.

Work Hard Molding Paste – this firm yet moldable paste is easy to work through hair and is good for texture and hold. Ideal for thick hair, it's my all time favorite.  Hot tip: use it on wet hair, massage into your hair from roots to ends, style and let air dry. Add a little more product when hair is dry for extra hold. 

Texture Pomade – is the ultimate product for those grungy looks with a matte finish and added texture.

Extreme Gel – is great for those slicked back and the top of an undercut. It offers the maximum hold and gives you a high shine finish.

Clay Pomade – perfect for creating roughed-up texture. Great for fine hair and effortless looking styles.

Hairspray – You no longer need to borrow lady’s hairspray with that strong girly scent! Redken’s got you covered with a strong hold hairspray specially formulated for men. 

Cleansing Bar - this is not your typical soap bar, it's a ph balanced cleansing bar for face and body. It’ll leave skin smooth and refreshed. 

Shave Cream - will provide you with protection for an extra close and comfortable shave. Suitable for sensitive skin, before using add a little water. 

Beard and Skin Oil – grooms and softens facial hair while hydrating the skin. Hot tip: this oil is also good for growing out your beard. 

Interested in testing out some of these products? Or do you think they might be a great gift for the men in your life? Check them out in Chatters salons or online here.

-Jelena Frolov, Master Stylist