Let’s Chat: Colour!

Since we’re so stoked for colour month, we decided to meet with some of our talented stylists to get the low down on all the latest professional colour products that you can use right at home!

CHI Ionic Color Illuminate

“The Mahogany red is absolutely amazing for keeping those vibrant reds gorgeous. Use it in place of your regular conditioner for a quick colour update! Another great tip: after shampooing, towel dry your hair, apply roots to ends, cover with a plastic bag and warm up with your blow dryer. Then just allow to cool completely before rinsing! This gives your colour a little more vibrance and longer lasting results.”

-Amanda Kamloops Summit Centre Mall

Joico Instatints 

“Joico instatints give you a funky deep or pastel colour instantly. Coming in a variety of shades your color choices are endless. All you do is hold the section of hair you want colored and spray away. You can even layer the spray for more of a vibrant punch. I like to spray my roots on my part line, to give myself a root melt effect of fun color or multi-color mix. Rainbow roots and spraying a braid are a couple other favorite color layouts I like to do! The best results are achieved in medium to lighter colored hair, spraying 4-8″ away from hair, in short bursts, and boom, you have a splash of temporary awesome in your hair!”

-Cia St. Albert

Joico Colour Butter 

“I love the joico colour butters because they are so easy to use! They are customizable and can be used as a treatment while also depositing colour as well! They are amazing for in between colour services to keep your hair fresh and vibrant!” For more info and some how-to videos click here

-Taylor Park Royal Vancouver


Think of this Color + Clenditioner as a cleansing conditioner combined with a wash in colour. It makes it extremely easy to add a brand new vibrant hue to your style while you wash! They come in 9 fun shades to really amp up your colour any way you want to! You’ll see some insane colour results even with only one wash. Check out some of the sweet styles created  here.

Schwarzkopf Igora Mousse

“I love the Igora Mousse because it’s super easy to apply, and you don’t have to worry about a spray that normally makes a mess of the space around you. It’s also great because it’s gorgeous colour you don’t have to commit to! It washes out after about 8 shampoos. Oh and not to mention it gives you hair incredible shine!”

-Jennifer London Fanshawe

Revlon Nutri Color Crème

“I love using Nutri Color Creme to refresh dull faded colors and there’s a wide color range to choose from. I highly recommend to all my fiery redheads who tend to fade quicker. You simply use the mask once a week, comb through and leave on for 3-5 minutes. It not only adds color but also a ton of shine and softness. Definitely one of my favourite picks to prolong color between salon visits!”

-Patricia Winnipeg Empress

You can shop all of these colour products in salons or online here!