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Makeover expertise

Jennifer Dartch is a franchise owner and stylist at Chatters London Fanshawe in Ontario. Jennifer is an award winning, driven, talented and understanding hair stylist. We asked her to share some thoughts on makeovers: why guests ask for them, what they really want and how she helps her guests get what they want.

 Jennifer can you share with us some insights you’ve gained on understanding why guests come in for a makeover?
I am a big believer in how you look reflects how you feel. A makeover can completely change the outlook on yourself.  Another reason can be some sort of life changing event…whether it be a new baby or a breakup, these life events can prompt some much needed change.  Just a general pick me up there is something to be said about the confidence a woman gains when she has a sassy new look to show off.

Is it a big step for guests? Have you noticed certain things about how they come to the decision for the change?
Some clients come in knowing they are ready for something big and bold and some are more afraid of the change. For the ones who know what they want it can be very exciting because you just get to roll up your sleeves and get in and tackle whatever they have thrown at you. Of course it’s important to consult and make sure the new look will suit their lifestyle. But once you’ve come to that understanding you just get right in there.

The ones who are more afraid of the change you have to be a little gentler. Again consultation is key here to find out what they are comfortable with and how much of a change they are really looking for. But if you can really dig deep and find out what they really want and need from this makeover session, you could change someone’s entire outlook on themselves.

Which do you most find? Do guests feel like a makeover is a risk or more like a pampering session?
Its only a risk if the client is unsure of what they want or are comfortable having. That’s why you really have to make sure they understand your plan before going in and doing it. Of course sometimes people think they want something totally new and they end up disliking what the new thing is, but you can never really know until you try. If I have a very long time client who’s always had the same thing and all of a sudden they are telling me they want to change it… If its for good reasoning I will 100% be on board. But if it seems like more of a rash decision I will often tell them to think a little more about it instead do a smaller change which would lead us to a bigger change next time.

A makeover can definitely seem like a pampering session to some because it can make them have that exciting feeling as well as feeling taken care of. They are putting their hair in the hands of the stylist and they know someone is there really looking out for them and making sure they will feel beautiful when its all completed.

What type of makeover is your personal favorite to create?
To me a makeover or transformation doesn’t have to always be a huge change in colour or cut. Every client we see has a different level of comfort when it comes to change. So to one person a slightly different look may not be classified as a makeover to anyone else, but to her this new look is life changing. And then we have the other side of the spectrum which are your guests that want the wow factor and the very different before and after photos. I can honestly say I love both of these two types of makeovers. The power I have to change how people feel and see themselves is absolutely amazing. Any time I’m able to do this for any of my clients whether it be a big or small transformation, I’m just happy I could be apart of making them feel incredible.

For someone considering a makeover, tell us how to go about asking for one.
Consultation is key! Sometimes you will get that person that says do whatever, my hair is your canvas! For those people you just get to use all of your talent and creativity and go for it. For the ones who want to know what’s going to happen in their makeover process you have to break it down. This is a huge deal for them! They are putting their life in your hands so to speak. Making sure they understand where you are going and how you are going to get there can be very helpful to avoid and scared moments in the process. Just talking it out with them will make them feel more comfortable with the process and help them trust the stylist.